Replace traditional rivets, nuts and bolts with Spida Fixing from Australian Parts & Equipment

Australian Parts & Equipment is an official distributor of Spida Fixings. The Spida Fixing range incorporates a unique, proprietary bond cure system and surface enhancement technology which delivers exceptional adhesion performance for less weight. 

At Australian Parts & Equipment, you'll find the latest technology in fixings and adhesives, including the Spida Fix range of bonded fasteners. Australian Parts & Equipment is a local Australian company based in the Hunter Valley servicing customers all over Australia. We're proud of the high quality products we sell and welcome the opportunity to share these innovations with you. 

You can purchase your Spida Fix studs, standoffsadhesives and fasteners directly from our website or you can contact us to process your order over the phone. We carry the majority of the items offered on our website in stock so you’ll be able to get your order quickly. For the convenience of our customers, we deliver using Australia Post.

We welcome bulk orders. If you require large quantities of any of the items we stock please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote. 


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Why use Spida Fix from Australian Parts & Equipment?


Create lightweight, high-strength structures, without the drilling.

Spida fixings work with adhesives, welding, and moulding.

Unbeatable performance


Designed from the ground up.

The unique shape, construction and bond-surface make this a game changer.

Key Features


  • Designed for applications where weight, cost and performance is critical. Patented features provide superior bond, inherent strength and high stress dissipation allowing fixings to be used to build, maintain, repair and overhaul products made from components without compromising structural integrity or increasing cost, weight or installation time. 
  • Engineered as a new solution for composites but also effective on a variety of materials such as metals, woods, plastics, stone and concrete.
  • Developed for fast assembly, Spida Fixings work with a variety of adhesives, moulding and welding techniques to give you the perfect solution for any application. 
  • Premium materials: High performance 20MnB4 (Cr4 or Mild) Maganese Boron Alloy, Marine 316L Stainless Steel, Brass or Glass filled Nylon or Carbon Fibre PEi Lightweight engineering plastic options.

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