About Us

Australian Parts & Equipment (APE) is devoted to introducing the use of bonded fasteners into Australia and the South Pacific region. We are proud to distribute the Spida Fixings product and are dedicated to the advancement of composite structures and fixings technologies.

APE hold in stock an extensive range of Spida Fixings bonded fasteners and Araldite adhesives in Newcastle Australia, which are available for immediate dispatch.

APE carry a comprehensive range of zinc plated mild steel and marine grade 316 stainless steel Spida TM studs (Diameters: M4 to M12 x 20mm to 60mm long) with matching female threaded blinds or standoffs and bases.

APE are a Rebain distributor stocking the Araldite range of structural adhesives. APE also stock and sell cartridge guns and spare mixing nozzles.

Australian Parts & Equipment is a distributor of the Spida Fix product. We are independent to Spida Fixings UK and we do not represent Spida Fixings UK.