Frequently Asked Questions

To keep prices low we are strictly COD and accept credit cards. Being a new company start up we are unable to offer trading accounts at this time
Australian Parts & Equipment will replace any fixings or adhesives found to be defective or out of code.
Australian Parts & Equipment do not offer and does not offer any guarantees relating to the adhesive bond. Many different types of adhesives maybe be used on many different surfaces with many different surface preparations making it impossible to warrant. The responsibility for assessment of the parts being fit-for-purpose remains with the user. Self certification that the parts meet the user’s performance requirements is advised.
No Australian Parts & Equipment do not recommend adhesives. Australian Parts & Equipment may offer adhesives for sale but they do not recommend one brand over another. It is the buyers responsibility to determine what brand and type of adhesive best suits their requirements.
No Australian Parts & Equipment is an official distributor but does not represent Spida Fix.